Posted by: endyvendy | May 4, 2009

May=Spring=Events Galore

may dogwoodIt’s May, it’s May, that gorgeous holiday! I love spring and summer in Connecticut because the weekends are full of indecision. Which amazing events will we attend? Who will get stuck at home scrubbing the mildew off the flower boxes and who will get to experience the wonders of the Taste of Hartford? There are some that are don’t-miss for us like July in the Sky, visits to various farmers’ markets, and the Sheep, Wool, and Fiber Festival. But there are tons more to choose from. Here are some useful guides and calendars for anyone looking to get a start on weekend fun in Connecticut.

Greater Hartford Arts Council – includes events all over the Hartford metropolitan area. Manchester‘s in here, why aren’t our events?



Yankee Magazine

And here are some ideas for places to visit. Connecticut Museum Quest is a parent’s blog about museums in Connecticut – a great guide for when you’re wondering if the Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum is really worth the drive with the kids. Faith Middleton recently did a staycation guide to a lot of May events and places. And don’t forget – the Rockville library offers passes to many CT attractions, so it’s worth a call and a visit to save some money. Skinner Road School’s Spring Fling Fair is coming up May 31st, so you don’t even have to look very far for fun! I will try to keep local events like this one posted in the monthly events list located in the sidebar.

Send me ideas for things to do and I’ll be sure to post them!


  1. […] in and around our little town in summer. Here are some ideas for local fun. See earlier posts for further ideas about staycation in CT and New England or to learn more about the low-cost hobby of letterboxing. Disc-golfing is […]

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