Posted by: endyvendy | June 15, 2009

Magic Intent

magic intent 3The other day I was looking for something unusual to give a friend at a baby shower, and since I knew she didn’t need conventional baby items, I decided to get her a gift for herself, something to celebrate her motherhood. So I stopped by Magic Intent in downtown Rockville.

Ever since the store opened, its imaginative window displays have captivated my kids and been a highlight of downtown Rockville, but a step inside reveals that this little store has much more to offer than you’dmagic intent 2 guess from the outside. Inside you’ll find a selection of crystals, hand-crafted dreamcatchers, clothing, books, natural soaps and oils, jewelry, and unique gifts that are sure to delight the dreamer in your life. My kids covet the mermaid and fairy dolls and have sometimes coaxed me into buying them an ornament or two for their own decorative purposes.

Owner JJ Lancey is always glad to chat and guide you around the store if (like me) you aren’t quite certain what you want in a gift. She also does Tarot readings and magic intenthosts monthly classes on various topics. Two recent workshops focused on reading the Tarot and on learning to craft dreamcatchers.

Magic Intent is located at 46 Union St. across from the hospital. For more information on the store, call 860-871-0000.



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