Posted by: endyvendy | September 25, 2009

‘Tis the Season

Election season! That season when we cringe and hide our heads under the rugs we squint at the signs stuck in people’s front yards as we speed by and tune into local news with a vigorous interest. So if you’re interested in electing officials based on their positions rather than their hairstyles or their YouTube videos, check out the local party slates and learn more about them! For the Republicans click here, and you can also check out this local blog for Republican-related news; for the Democrats’ brand new easy-to-navigate website click here; and to have a look at the third parties who sometimes run candidates in our district, take a look here for Working Families, here for the Green Party, and here for the Concerned Citizens or Constitution Party. The mayoral candidates are incumbent Jason McCoy for the Republicans and Michele Arn for the Democrats.

To get a better sense of the personalities of the incumbents and the issues at hand, try attending a Town Council meeting.


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