Posted by: endyvendy | November 3, 2009

Vote for Vernon!

Today’s Election Day! Get out and vote, Vernon. If you’re not sure where your polling station is, check here.

What are the issues? Well, we’re conducting a search for a new permanent Superintendent this year – what kind of leadership do we want to see in the schools? How will this person guide us toward making “adequate yearly process” as we try to improve our district’s current status? Are our schools successfully meeting the needs of all students – students with special needs, gifted students, Project Choice students?

Other issues include clean energy for Vernon – how can we efficiently and effectively implement greener energy practices in Vernon? Are current efforts (like the mayor’s Clean Energy Task Force) moving forward in directions we want?

What progress would we like to see in developing our town’s business climate? Could we do a better job of maintaining sidewalks?

The issues go on and on… At the national level politics can be overwhelming and so multi-faceted that it’s hard to position yourself on the issues (or at least find politicians who represent your views adequately!), but at the local level, it’s much easier to effect change and understand exactly what’s going on. Get out and vote, Vernon. It matters!



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